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Oh what a difference!

Amanda Meers, Staff Writer

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Going into my first year, here at Lincoln Christian, I have had to adjust to many different things. Moving from Greenville, South Carolina to Lincoln, Nebraska has been a big change but going to a different school can be the biggest one of all. As a new student, I was a little nervous about finding classes and knowing where to go but everyone was happy to help and I was able to survive my first day. I have also noticed how many differences there are between LCS and my previous school, Bob Jones Academy.  

Located on the campus of Bob Jones University, Bob Jones Academy was often involved with the university’s activities and vice versa. When our classes wanted to go do something as a group, we would simply walk across the university campus to the college snack shop or go to their bookstore. The students would also get school off for days like college graduation and their annual Bible Conference. Our school groups were also constantly going to the university’s art gallery or their many different theatres on campus to perform. Some of     the students at the university were also given a job to work at the elementary school and watch kids after classes got out until their parents could pick them up. The ones studying to be teachers would often assist in our classrooms as well. This was something we never really thought about, however, being at another school has made me realize how abnormal that college-high school relationship truly was.  

When I think back to my old teachers and classes, the word “relaxed” would be the farthest from my mind. Their standards were very strict in their own homes which would often make its way into the classroom. For example, one of my teachers would not allow her daughters to watch Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast (the original cartoon version) and often made it clear to us that she did not approve of movies like that. Another of my teachers personally believed that PG-13 movies should not be on the list of appropriate movies for a Christian to watch. A teacher I had would not allow books such as “Divergent” or “Hunger Games” in their classroom and would give us a discipline point (or detention slip) if we did. These many different standards often added to the tense environment in our classes. As much as we tried to respect each person’s individual standards, we often got confused on what was actually allowed at Bob Jones and what wasn’t.  

   One big difference between the two schools that I’ve noticed is also the dress code. BJA was very focused on the presentation of the students. Girls were required to wear knee-length dresses and skirts every day and no shirts could have words on them. The boys had to wear kakis pants and a belt with tucked in, collared shirts. Although the idea of looking nice and presentable was great, I often felt like the teachers cared a little more about keeping the dress code in place then our classes themselves.  

   Another thing I’ve really liked about this school is how easy it is to find notes online. At my previous school, we had notes online but there was a completely different website for each class which means no one really ended up using them. I really like how all the notes are located in the same place.  

   My favorite thing about my classes so far is that they are very laid back yet still keep me thinking the entire time. Many of them are constantly helping me challenge my thinking and defend my argument in contrast to sitting and copying the notes from the board the entire time.  

One of the biggest differences so far however, is the hype between soccer, football, and basketball. I’ve learned that basketball and football are very important sports at Lincoln Christian. However, at Bob Jones Academy, everyone played soccer. It was the biggest and best sport in everyone’s minds.  

In conclusion, I have loved school so far and I am glad I chose to attend Lincoln Christian School.  


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Oh what a difference!