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Crossing Oceans for Opportunities

Jack Snyder, Staff Writer

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International students have been going to school in the United States for many years. However, in recent years the number of international high school students has increased quite rapidly. Of all the countries that accept international students, America has always been at the top of the list. This is partly due to the generally accepting society and better education system than many other countries.

The Migration Policy Institute, or MIP, says that today in America there are approximately 975,000 international students.  Around 70,000 of these are high school students. Most of the high school students also plan to attend college and receive their degree in America as well.

Most high schools in America, both private and public, accept international students from all over the globe, and Lincoln Christian is no exception. You may have noticed that our school is blessed with numerous students from around the world. Although it may not be obvious, life for these students is drastically different than is was in their country of origin.

International student sophomore Harry He shared his perspective about living and attending school in America v. China. For Harry, the opportunity of a premium education drew him to America. He was also vocal about how school was different in China. He revealed that in China he never switched classes or had a passing period, and the classrooms were larger, consisting of over 60 kids at a time. He also said that teachers were more physical with discipline. For example, he expressed how some students would be slapped across the face due to disciplinary infractions.

Through the conversation it is clear that America has a more relaxed education system than other countries.






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Crossing Oceans for Opportunities