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Open Door – a poem

Lexi Gilmore

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My heart was like a glass door.

Open and accepting.

Until solicitors kept knocking too hard,

And the glass finally broke.


Rebuilt with metal.

Too strong and too heavy,  

To let anyone in.

Or hear any knocks.

Until, he came over and knocked,

Slowly, at first.

Each knock got a little louder,

Sunnier and calmer.


Each knock,  

I opened up the door, inch by inch.

To see what he had to offer,

Until I was ready.


I let him in,

To see the rest of the house.

He saw the broken,

The memories that stung.


He told me the world was

A safe place.

He told me,

That I was safe.   


And the war inside me,

Was only temporary.

Because I would win,

This race.


He said he would protect me,

He told me if it was safe to open my door.

He cared for me,

More and more.

Taking my hand in his.

I opened the door.

I felt like a flower, filled with warmth,

Like the first day the sun shines after snow.


He led me to his favorite place,

Where he would always come to think.

He said he would share that place,

So that I felt safe.


But one beautiful day,

He uncovered more of my door.

Revealing what I was hiding,

To find my door scratched.


Too much to handle,

too young to care.

He left me alone,

With my door dismembered.


I was left,

To rebuild the door…

And close the door to anyone knocking,

To start all over again.



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Open Door – a poem