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Field Trips: Good or Bad?

Jadyn Olesen

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Let me ask you some questions. How much do you value education? How far will you go to make sure today’s kids get the best learning experience possible? In America, education is everything. You need the education to get a job. You even need an education in order to be able to receive more education. There are many ways children learn. Some are auditory, some are visual, some are hands-on learners. There are many ways that we learn best. So why take away something that reaches out to all types of learners in one trip. Why go against something that can help kids learn really well because it fits their learning styles? This article was written to show you why field trips should not be diffused throughout the years of education but increased.

Field trips are an essential part of education. They are a chance to apply what you have been learning in your classroom, to real life. Subjects become more interesting when you get to see them for yourself. Yes, you can read about giraffes and look at pictures of them but how awesome would it be to go feed them? To see them in person, to pet them? Field trips offer something that is priceless. A memory. What are you going to remember in the future? Are you going to remember the time you read about the capital of Nebraska? You’re more likely to remember the time you went to the top of the capitol building and looked over the city of Lincoln.

People argue that field trips are too expensive. That is a very valid argument. But I believe that field trips are so valuable that kids would be willing to raise funds for them. Have a bake sale or a carwash. Get the kids involved so they can cherish the field trip even more. Because now not only will they be able to just enjoy the field trip, they will be able to say that they worked for it, they will be able to say that they earned this field trip which will make the experience even more memorable. Reaping the rewards of your own hard work is a life lesson that kids need to learn. They need to know what it feels like to work hard for what they want.

As they get older, students need to start experiencing the world more. They need to see what’s really out there. They need to see what lies beyond college, beyond education, beyond that building they have spent a quarter of their lives in. Don’t you want to give them that? This is why field trips should never be taken away. They should be increased. Give us the education we deserve.

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Field Trips: Good or Bad?