Coffee Bar Crawl

Amanda Meers

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During the middle of a chaotic finals week or the night before a big test, where do you like to study? Maybe you do all your studying at school before you get home, or perhaps the comfort of your own bed has become your best friend when pulling all-nighters. For me personally, I’ve found that getting out of the stress of school and the distractions of my house is the best way for me to stay focused. But in order to do that, where would you go that is quiet and stress-free?

For those of us who enjoy coffee, tea, or anything sweet, I have a few suggestions. I’ve found that coffeehouses or coffee shops often create a quiet environment to study at while sitting in comfy chairs surrounded by the pleasant scent of coffee. But in order to enjoy this experience, narrowing down the options to the absolute best is essential. The five places I’ve chosen to review are The Harbor Coffeehouse, Mojava Cafe, Cultiva, The Mill, and The Rabbit Hole Bakery.

First off, the Harbor Coffeehouse is an excellent choice. It is a fairly big coffeehouse and has a quiet atmosphere. The service is very friendly, the coffee and baked goods are amazing, and during my personal visit, there were only one or two other people there. However, it is very open with no small areas to study other than tables and two big chairs in the corner. If you do not mind it being this open, then this is a great place for you.

The second location is Mojava Café, Mojava is a local coffeeshop near Nebraska Wesleyan University. I have made several visits to this café and every time it has been fairly busy with students from the college there to study. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy but if you want to avoid a lot of people, I suggest you look at their hours before making a visit. If you plan on going to study, I also recommend you plan your visit ahead of time so you are not there when they have live performers.

Another coffeehouse I recommend is Cultiva. This espresso and crepes shop has several locations around town. The one I visited was located next to UNL’s east campus. My visit was very near closing hours around 6:00-7:00 at night. It was very empty and the atmosphere of the shop was cozy. They had a turn table on the counter quietly playing old records that made the entire experience calming. Their food and coffee were both very delicious and made quickly. The café leads back to a quiet sitting area away from everyone if it happens to get busier during your visit. Overall, I highly recommend this place.

Another one of my favorites and quite possibly the most popular is The Mill. The Mill now has several locations around town but the one I’ve chosen to review is located in the Haymarket. This is a very big coffeeshop but very cozy at the same time. It has several different rooms spread out and a hallway leading far into the back which provides empty tables all the way down and several couches at the end.

The final place to review is The Rabbit Hole Bakery. I know this is not really a coffee shop compared to the others but this is perhaps the best place to study in quiet. It is located in the Haymarket under Yowie’s Lodge. The theme of this bakery is Alice in Wonderland. The detail in the décor makes the place as a whole seem very cozy and cute. The coffee and baked goods are delicious and non-expensive. The bakery remains fairly empty with many comfy chairs or couches to study at. This is perhaps my favorite place out of them all.

These five locations are all great places to go for some time with friends, studying, or over the holidays. They are all great places to visit and I recommend all of them. So next time you want some coffee, you’ll know where to go.

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