“Pull Through Together Always” (video)

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“Pull Through Together Always” (video)


Jack Snyder, Staff Writer

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After a very eventful first year in office, president Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address on January 30. The speech was viewed by about 46 million Americans, which is one of the largest audiences to ever watch the address. Trump’s speech focused on patriotism and unity of the American people. Most agree that President Trump’s delivery of this speech was rather impressive. The State of the Union was a perfect opportunity for the public to hear directly form the President, without the media to interject its opinions and interpretations. 

Throughout all of President Trump’s first year, the general public has been bombarded with news and stories about him and his administration. Most of these have been negative or have specifically highlighted something that President Trump has apparently done wrong. I personally cannot recall a news story that ever said anything good about President Trump. Whether it is true or not, the media has very successfully made him look as if he is the worst President ever. 

This State of the Union Address was particularly interesting to me. This was simply because President Trump was able to tell all the great things his administration had accomplished. The most shocking thing was how I had never heard a single news story about his accomplishments. I was hearing them for the first time in his speech. Trump mentioned many things such as increases to national security through immigration laws, economic growth and wealth creation, decrease in unemployment, tax reform, and military victories in the middle east. 

This speech also displayed his presidential and mature character. At many times he has made claims and said things that were questionable at best. However, during this speech President Trump portrayed his intelligence and composure. He may go “off script” at times but it is clear that in many situations, such as speeches like this one, he can be “presidential.” This is only shocking to the public because all we see of him are the moments that he does or says something wrong. The media tends to only cover negative things about him. I believe this is why the public has such a negative view of him. 

President Trump is well aware of this bias in the media and the stubbornness of the Democrats, however he does not share the same stubbornness that they show him. During the speech, on multiple occasions, President Trump called on democrats and republicans to unite on “common ground” and to work together for the common good of the American people. This is the mature way to handle the disrespect he has been shown from Democrats in general.  

President Trump’s speech was very presidential and satisfied the concerns and desires of most Republicans. It also gave the Democrats very little to criticize. It showed that our President is not out of his mind.  

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