Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Jack Snyder, Staff Writer

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Throughout almost all of recent history, the Korean peninsula has been plagued with conflict. Ever since the conclusion of world war two, when Japan’s occupation of the Korean peninsula was ended, the North and the South have not been able to unite on any common ground. The two nations were at an all-out war for three years, which is technically still going on. The two nations only agreed to an armistice and not a peace treaty. Even to this day the two nations share the most militarized border in the world. 

The Olympic games; however, are known for their ability to unite the world around one event. This year the winter Olympics are being hosted in the city of Pyeongchang, South Korea. The whole world has been witnessing the absolute isolation and danger that is North Korea. Many people were concerned with the games taking place only 40 miles from the border.  

Despite all the controversy, on Friday February 9 the two nations entered the Olympic opening ceremony, combined and united under one flag. The nations were announced as simply “Korea.” The two nations have marched together at the Olympics before, but this time was of special significance due to more recent conflicts and the many questionable things North Korea has been involved in. 

This ongoing conflict is more than just a simple rivalry. The two nations are complete opposites in regard to politics. The North is a highly isolated dictatorship that controls every detail of its peoples’ lives. The South is a democratic republic that mirrors the United States in almost every aspect.  

Although some may look at this event as a hint of possible unity in the future, it is quite hard to imagine two countries with these political situations to get along at all. North and South Korean officials met before the Olympics and were able to reach some agreements like the combined entry at the games. However, only time will tell if this cooperation will lead to political agreements in the future. 


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