Girls Basketball Finishes Season with 3rd Place in State Tournament

Jack Snyder, Staff Writer

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Winter is coming to an end, and with it are the winter sports seasons at LCS. The girls’ basketball team closed out a very impressive and successful season. The season was a fitting end for the senior team members’ high school careers. The group finished the season with only 7 losses, none of which were district games. The girls played some very exciting and competitive basketball throughout the season, and concluded the season with a record of 22-7. 
The team qualified for the state tournament with a very impressive win. They played very well in the tournament and made it all the way to the semi-finals where they were eliminated in a very close game. This was an emotional loss for the seniors on the team. However, the team was able to still end the season on a high note with a win in the third place game that followed. Although the season may have not ended the way that the crusader fans, coaches, and players wanted, it was still an exciting and satisfying display of competitive basketball. 
The season was also the last for the seniors on the team. This year’s graduating class includes a handful of girls who played a very major role in the team success. Chloe Dworak finished her fourth season with the crusaders, and her impact on the team is obvious to anyone who watched any crusader games. She finished this year averaging 17.1 points per game and 4.4 assists per game. She ended with 1,978 career points, 333 career rebounds, and 492 career assists. Emily Hollenbeck also closed out an impressive season. She finished this season averaging 9.5 points per game and 7.1 rebounds per game. Emily’s defensive presence was very valuable to the crusaders. Emily also finished her fourth season with 1031 career points, 613 career rebounds, and 30 career blocks. Avery Dolliver also finished out her High School career with the girls. Although she only played with the crusaders for two seasons, she was still able to impact the team. she finished the season with 12 career points and 32 career rebounds.
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