Is it really about guns?

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Amanda Meers

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Imagine walking the hallways of your school in a quiet and solemn atmosphere. Only two months before, a shooting had taken place where 14 people were wounded and 17 were killed. This is a picture of the students currently attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A shooting happened, lives were lost, the students fear their safety more than ever, and CNN has wasted no time in using this as a way of expressing their views on gun control. 


Out of this extreme tragedy, a few students rose up to take a stand. One of them was David Hogg. David is now an activist and leader in the fight for gun control. He is one of the survivors at MSDHS and now a current senior still attending the school. He is a strong minded person who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes which makes him a natural born leader and an easy one to follow. But is he really the one making the decisions? CNN has taken him under their wing and helped publicize what he has to say. But the question is whether he is actually being represented correctly. The only thing the public is getting fed is the fact that he is pro-gun control. This immediately drives away many Americans who firmly believe in the second amendment. This was my immediate reaction too, until I found what he really believes. 


In an interview with CNN, David says that he is pro-second amendment and believes that responsible Americans should be allowed to own guns. His complaint is that it is simply too easy to get a firearm, especially for people struggling with mental health. However, this belief he has expressed has been very deeply buried in the media. CNN has been pushing the idea that he is completely against guns and supports the idea to ban all of them. It is unclear whether David Hogg is aware he is being manipulated or used as a mere form of propaganda. However, he fits the role perfectly. As a high school student and survivor of a tragic shooting, it is enough to make anyone sympathize with him to an extent. So is he aware of the fact that he is merely a weapon being manipulated or is he using this as simply a way to gain fame? I think this kind of oblivion to the fact that he is only a face for propaganda is enough to boost his own ego. So is it possible that they are running his life in way that they can convince him they are his own thoughts? If so, he is simply a mouthpiece to be pitied or a marionette to a puppeteer.  


Last fall David worked on a project about mental health and the importance of staying connected through school and social settings. So where was this important factor when Cruz attacked the school? It seems the moment this tragic event happened, the importance of keeping stable mental health disappeared and the firearm was made the only enemy. But I think it is important that this issue is understood. For example, in England, gun control is in effect but has not worked. In fact, the homicide rates have even increased since the law was passed. Now they are looking into banning knives.  


All of this shows us how Satan will find a way to manipulate us into evil. Human nature and our flesh will overtake us and we cannot stop this by simply attempting to take away a weapon. This problem is deeply rooted in our flesh. Once we realize that the evil does not come from the weapon, but from the person, we as people will become much more safe living our day to day lives. I think we are fighting the wrong fight and need to address the real issue like mental health and what we can do to notice the warning signs early on. This also shows how we as a nation, and as the human race, grow in desperate need of a Savior more and more each day.   

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