California as a foreign nation?

Jack Snyder, Staff Writer

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The state of California could very well be undergoing some major changes within the next few years. Plans to divide and separate the state have been proposed many times in the past but have never amounted to anything significant. It would seem that the population of the state is not completely on board with the idea, according to  Barnini Chakraborty of Fox News. Despite this cycle, that has happened in the past, some groups within the state are currently making attempts to bring change to the state. 

One group of advocates had recently started collecting signatures of those who think that the state of California should leave the United States all together. California’s own Secretary of State approved the ballot proposal, giving the advocating population the clear to start collecting signatures. If the group does reach the right amount of signatures, the state will hold a vote to confirm or deny if the people of California are serious in their desires for independence. If this group collects 365,880 signatures of registered voters by mid-October the vote will be held. The process would be long and it would likely take a few years before other nations and the U.S. officially would recognize California as an independent nation. 

With the possibility of California becoming a new nation, many questions arise. Would California residents lose their American citizenship? Would the new nation use the same currency as the United States? What would the new country’s government look like? What would happen to those who live in California, but do not want to leave the United States? Would goods that are grown and manufactured in California still be as available to the United States? 

This proposition would come with many challenges. It would not be simple to form a new nation. However, if the people of California are united in their ideas and plans they can easily accomplish this task. It is still unclear how the rest of the United States would react if California would secede. 



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