Annie Jr. reviews

Amanda Meers and Jack Snyder

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Review – Amanda Meers

Last Friday and Saturday, our very own LCS drama department performed Annie Jr. The hour and a half of performance time was filled with singing, dancing, and great acting. Overall, it was a success and my personal favorite so far.

When I attended the play Saturday evening, the gym was packed with people excited for the performance. Everyone anticipated the play that we had all heard so much about. Under the direction of Deborah Freeman, the play was a great success.

It was, however, an emotional performance for the final play of seniors April DeHaan as Miss Hannigan and Ethan Malvig as Daddy Warbucks. It was also Mrs. Freeman’s last show as a director before her retirement. The night ended with a big thanks to her for the 13 years she spent leading the LCS drama department.

During the play, the music and story was quick moving, keeping the audience engaged with every song and dance. My personal favorite was the performance of NYC, from Lanie Allen’s choreography to the singing under the direction of Mrs. White. The range of actors went from 2ndgrade all the way to school staff such as Mr. Farup and Dr. Kassebaum.

Attending Annie Jr. was definitely something I enjoyed and would’ve loved to experience again. The performers and stage crew put in many months of hard work that definitely paid off.

Review – Jack Snyder

The LCS Drama department spent months preparing and practicing for the spring show. In early May they finally performed the musical Annie Jr. The drama team first started meeting in late December and spent the next months putting in countless hours to memorizing lines and attending many practices. Those who went to see the play could tell you of the amazing talents of the students involved. The musical talents were particularly good. The cast was very diverse in its ages. There were members from 2nd to 12th grade who all played roles in the play. The musical talents of the younger students were quite impressive. 

The story of Annie was also portrayed very well. Although the play was shorter, it did not leave out any of the main plot. The story also had many funny moments that kept the audience engaged in the story.  such as Dr. K and Mr. Farup dressed as FBI agents at the end of the play.The crew that worked behind the scenes is also worthy of recognition. The play was completed with only a few minor technical errors. However, none of these had a drastic impact on the overall entertainment of the play. The overall performance was quite satisfying and the satisfaction was shown by the audience with a standing ovation at the end of the performance. 

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