The Oss

Ella Caneva

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The woman, the myth, the legend, the Oss. This well-known legend dates all the way back to when Tricia Oss, recognized as Mrs. Oss, was in elementary playing school with the main lead as the teacher. If you haven’t encountered her elegant presence, you have more than likely seen her rushing from one class to the next while substituting or smelled all the joy’s wafting out of her foods and nutrition class across from the choir room.  

Mrs. Oss has been teaching her main class, Foods and Nutrition, as well as substituting as often as needed at Lincoln Christian for three years. In previous years, she homeschooled both of her two children for ten years, which well-equipped her with the experience needed for the task of substituting. Teaching at Lincoln Christian has made Mrs. Oss’ decision to teach full-time a breeze, especially when God is involved throughout everything she teaches. “I can’t imagine trying to edit him out,” she said. This displays not only how much she incorporates God within her teaching, but also throughout her life as well. Many who cross paths with her, especially those who know and love her at Lincoln Christian, can clearly see this through her integrity, work ethic, and kind-hearted spirit. 

Substituting is no easy task, especially when it comes to teaching Pre-K all the way through 12th grade, but the versatile Mrs. Oss has the system down. Some of the many adjustments that come with substituting a variety of classes include the differences of expectations from one classroom to the next, having to adapt from going to one completely different subject to the next, and occasionally troubleshooting diverse technology. This adaptable human, who many look up to, not only handles these tasks with ease, but also with patience and a sense of grace.  

Mrs. Oss is seen more often than not buzzing around the hallways, jumping from classroom to classroom, and more recently, going from elementary to high school. She claimed that the most drastic change in her substituting schedule was from Honors English to Spanish back to back. Although it can be difficult going from one class to the next given the obvious differences within curriculum between each class, she said that the different expectations in classrooms were not too challenging to get used to given that she was well prepared for there to be differences within teachers and students. In addition to the more obvious obstacles, she also said that getting used to various technology has been quite the journey. Dealing with Wi-Fi can be troublesome enough but throwing projectors into the mix can make for quite a messy situation. Mrs. Oss explained that when she first started using projectors within the classrooms, it felt like each classroom had a different one, which took some adjusting to.   

Despite all the challenges that come with being a substitute teacher from Pre-K through 12th grade, it is very evident that Mrs. Oss is passionate about what she is doing at Lincoln Christian. Not only is she substituting and teaching a class of her own, but she is also making a difference in the lives of faculty and students. If there is one thing she wants her students to take away from any of the classrooms she teaches in, it is this: “God loves them passionately and personally and the earlier they realize that the more marvelous their life will be.” 

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