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No prescription needed

Ella Caneva

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Have you ever wondered what holistic health is? Sure, you might have seen it advertised, such as the recent trend of essential oils or a variety of different spa, but perhaps what comes to mind is repulsive because of the alternative reputation it attains. However, with the vast amount of options for health care, learning about all the available options is important when it comes to making the right decisions for your health.  

When discussing health, you may immediately think of the long list of specific to-dos that are said to make you “healthy”, which you may or may not be fulfilling: eating natural foods, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, etc. While those certainly contribute to a healthy lifestyle, health is more than just what we put into our bodies and/or how much sleep we attain. Consider that your health involves what you read, what you watch, who you surround yourself by, and on top of that the obvious nutritious factors. 

This perspective on health is better known as holistic health. To explain in simpler terms, it is the whole picture of one’s health. Rather than using the same techniques for a problem on everyone, this is a very personal and specific path of health since everybody acquires different needs. For example, if you are having issues with your back, instead of drowning in bottles of aspirin, you might consider seeking a chiropractor or getting a deep tissue massage. Once again, putting everyone in the same mold for healthcare is tricky because everyone is different and while one treatment may work on one person, it may or may not work on another.  

While holistic health care may seem intimidating and perhaps a controversial/alternative option for medicine this is not a recent discovery in the healthcare system. In fact, it is actually derived from ancient methods of medicine. For example, one may have heard of the “Chinese Medicine Man”, which is Chinese Medicine that has been practiced even before a structured writing system was formed in China. Not only was the idea of holistic medicine practiced in China, but it was also used as a source of medicine in other regions such as ancient Greece and Rome, and then into EuropeWhile many of the holistic techniques were founded in other areas of the world, the idea of a holistic influenced lifestyle has also become more mainstream in America as well. According to statistics, four in ten adults in the United States currently practice holistic health therapy and have within the past year with the leading therapy being the use of natural products. 

Currently in Lincoln, Ne, natural remedies of healing are gradually becoming more common. Some examples include, Lotus House of Yoga, Catalyst Chiropractor, and Lincoln Community Acupuncture. Lotus House of Yoga is located downtown Lincoln, near O street, and has become a very popular place where people can come to practice a variety of different types of yoga. These types consist of a typical flow class (basic movements to improve strength and flexibility), hot yoga (similar to a flow class, but with an increase in temperature), and even yoga for kids.  

Catalyst Chiropractor is located on 56th street and is a family owned business. This chiropractic office provides a specific plan of recovery for each individual with the help of digital x-rays. Not only is the practice very personal to the individual, but people of all ages are welcome because of the gentle practice. Lastly, Lincoln Community Acupuncture is located on 48th street and provides acupuncture to treat a vast amount of different conditions. The practitioner of this organization, Troy Heinrich, attended the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles and is certified with a license in acupuncture 

While each of these three businesses may execute their practices differently, they still share a common goal, that being striving towards the wholeness of one’s health. In whatever circumstance, there are many different health care options. However, the holistic health care route might be the one for many primarily because of the personal treatment it gives to the mind and body. 

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