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2018-2019 Staff

Sierra Beukelman


My name is Sierra Beukelman and I am a senior here at Lincoln Christian. I have a love for all things that involve using my creativity to draw or write in fancy hand-lettering. Whenever I have free time, and am not playing in ...

Isabella Winkels


My full name is Isabella Iola Winkels, but I go by Izzy.  I am a freshman here at LCS, and I have been homeschooled my entire life until now.  I have been dancing since I was three, I have taught dance with my mom for three y...

Tara Van Vliet


My name is Tara Van Vliet and I’m a senior at Lincoln Christian. My hobbies include spending all of my on books but rereading the same one fifty times and watering my small army of houseplants. I have three older sisters and a dog na...

Ella Caneva


My name is Ella Caneva and I am a Junior at Lincoln Christian. One could probably find me at a coffee shop, reading more than likely the first book I find laying around, watching a sappy rom-com, laughing at inappropriate times, ...

Adriyanna Allen


My full name is Adriyanna Marie Allen. I am in 10th Grade, and I transferred from East High School. My nickname is Driy (dree), but only my close friends call me that. Stuff that I like to do is be around animals, love socia...

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